Hi, I'm Jenna!

I am incredibly passionate about teaching small business owners how to grow their businesses without spending tons of money. I do not believe that you need to drain your bank account to have an impactful presence online. 

I am not against running ads on Facebook/Instagram and google etc. Advertisements are great and effective for fast results- and possibly  how you found my website. However, I believe in organic and evergreen marketing for LONG TERM success. 

I have dedicated all of my adult life (no I won’t share my age, but I have been told I look good for pushing 40) to trying new methods for growth, failing, crying at my desk, waking up the next morning and learning from my mistakes. 

I have created and curated methods and techniques to save you time and money, and most importantly MAKE YOU MONEY.

Sure, you can sit through endless YouTube videos and read through countless articles online, then experiment with them in your business and wait for them to work or fail. I have taken the guesswork out of all of that for you. Let’s chat about what goals you have for your  business and how to get there!

No BS Strategy

I am not about “fluffing” and wasting your time. You are a small business owner – you are busy, and have a million things on your plate.

My consulting strategies are straight to the point because you are looking for the fastest and most effective way to change things in your business that aren’t working.

If you are looking for powerful evergreen and organic marketing strategies to begin implementing for your small business, then you have come to the right place.

Open the door to your success.

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What is Evergreen Marketing?

Evergreen Marketing refers to a marketing strategy that doesn’t expire. Evergreen marketing stays relevant to your business and is a sustainable way to consistently generate new business. Once these methods or strategies are put into place they will continue serving your business. 

Why use Evergreen Marketing?

Here are a few key reasons this marketing strategy should be implemented into your business:
– SEO optimized evergreen content can help you increase your website traffic over time and generate leads for years to come
– It applies to all businesses regardless of the industry
– It creates a continuous flow of new leads without having to constantly update or re-launch a new campaign
– It’s inexpensive, or free!

Some Examples of Evergreen Marketing

– Google Business Profile (formally known as Google My Business)
– How to guides
– Blogs
– Podcasts
– Youtube Channel
– Social Media

Not sure where to start with Evergreen Marketing? 

Check out my Guide!

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