Why is repurposing your marketing content so important? Is there any easy way to repurpose your content for online and social media marketing? ABSOLUTELY! I am going to discuss how powerful it is to repurpose your content to save you time!

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Repurposing your Content Meaning

What does it mean when we say “repurpose your content”? It simply means that you create something and you use it for multiple channels or platforms to increase your online marketing presence. This means that you can create a blog then use that blog for email marketing and LinkedIn articles etc.

Repurposing your Content for SEO

Recycling your content increases your online presence and when you create a piece of marketing material using keywords related to your industry it helps Google recognize that you are relevant and in turn begins to rank you higher on search results. Showing Google that you are the leader in your industry improves your SEO. Content is key, and how you use it to your advantage will pay off over time. You will notice your website visitors increase, and drawing more prospective customers to your website should increase your sales. Unfortunately, we are at the mercy of Google, and it tends to take 6 months or so to start to see these improvements. So don’t give up!

Repurposing your Content for your Blog

One of the most robust SEO tools for your small business is your blog. You don’t have to be a professional blogger to write content for your small business. After all, who knows more about your business than you do? Now is your time to shine! Share everything about your products in blog form. Using keywords directly related to your industry. A wonderful tool I always use (that has landed tons of my blog posts on the FIRST page of Google) is answerthebpublic.com. This free tool will show you what is being searched for online right this moment! Use those questions to generate your blog posts, use that intel as the topics and headers (and sub-headers) of your blogs. Create graphics for new and old blogs and post them on social media with the links to your blogs! This Evergreen Marketing strategy will continue to serve your business for years to come!

Email Marketing Strategy

Now that you have created a compelling blog, why not use that as an email to send to all of your leads you capture on your website! Depending on the length you can copy and paste it, or shorten it using bullet points so its easy to read. People don’t tend to spend a ton of time reading emails, so use your blogs as a base and narrow down the content to get straight to the point.

Repurposing your Content for Social Media Marketing

The beauty behind social media marketing is that you can use one graphic across all the platforms you use for your small business. Create a graphic for Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn and use it across the board. You may have to change your captions depending on where you are pushing your content to, but your graphics will most likely stay the same. I use Canva to create beautifully designed graphics. It’s easy to resize them depending on their use. Don’t forget to use these graphics for your Google Business Profile (formally known as Google My Business). You can also create a graphic for an IG and FB post, then resize it for your stories! If you use TikTok, repurpose those videos to IG reels.

The Take Away

No one has time to continually recreate the same content repeatedly. So use every piece of content to your advantage so it stretches across all of your online marketing platforms. You will find that it saves you so much time and resources.

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