what is organic social media

Organic social media is any social media activity that does not require paid advertising. It is posting on your business account, engaging with your audience, and promoting your brand without investing in a paid ad. There are benefits to posting on your social media platforms consistently and organically. Let’s discuss a few of those.

Social Media as Evergreen Marketing

Evergreen marketing is content that lives on your website and social media platforms forever (unless you delete them, of course). The beauty behind using social media as evergreen marketing is that your customers will always find your content. They have the ability to see past posts and learn more about your business for the life of your company.

How is Organic Social Media Measured?

Organic social media is measured by follows, likes, shares, comments and reposts. The number of people who engage with your content will reveal a lot about how relevant your content is to your followers. You can calculate your engagement rate by doing the following: total engagement divided by number of followers, multiplied by 100. For example, you have 1,003 followers and you received 53 likes and comments on a post, your engagement rate would be 5.2% which is great! For organic social media you want to shoot for 1%-5%. If you use Later to publish your posts then it will calculate it for you.

It is important to look closely at your rates from time to time, these numbers will help guide you with future content. If a certain post didn’t do well, take a look at why. Maybe the copy needs to be improved, maybe the hashtags weren’t specific enough, or maybe it was the time of day. Investigate what days and times your posts do well (Later has these analytics for you as well).

Organic vs. Paid

Organic social media brings customers to your business naturally over time, so it is important to keep in mind that growth may be slower than using paid ads. Those who spend a lot on paid advertising tend to grow their audiences a lot faster as they have the ability and means to reach more potential clients through paid ads. There is absolutely nothing wrong with organic social media marketing if you are consistent and post quality content to your audience.